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Private Airport Transfer
Thank you for your interest.
Once we receive your message, one of our customer service specialists will contact/email you with more information.

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Pickup time
Helpful Information
What time should I be picked up?
Trip times can vary depending on traffic and weather. Generally Niagara Falls to Pearson Airport is 90 minutes each direction. Buffalo Airport 50-60 minutes. Our booking specialist will recommend an appropriate pick up time based on time of day, expected weather conditions, and your location.
What information does Fallsview Limo need
to pick me up at the airport?
With your Airline and flight number, we can track your flight for late/early arrivals to ensure prompt pick up at the airports.
I'm at the Airport, what do I do now?
We are most likely at the airport waiting for you. Upon making your reservation, you will receive a detailed confirmation that informs you of exact airport pickup procedures.  
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